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About Us

Who We Are


We are a 4th Generation Vidalia Sweet Onion Farming Family.

What We Do


We have over a combined 100 years knowledge of growing and packing Vidalia Sweet Onions for fundraising used by churches and civic groups such as Shriners, Lions Clubs, Civitan Groups, School Clubs.

 Depending on the weather, we usually start shipping May 1st. 

How We Help


We have several different categories and sizes of Vidalia Sweet Onions to fit any budget.  You can sell online or with custom paper brochures.

We usually try to ship the beginning of the week to ensure that your group receives the Vidalia Sweet Onions for weekend sales and pickups.

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Contact Us

Find out how you too can use Vidalia Onions as a profitable fundraiser!

We have several different categories and sizes available to help make your fundraiser a success!

The Onionman Company, LLC

1225 S Veterans Blvd. Glennville, GA 30427

P.O. Box 446 Glennville, GA 30427 Office: 912-654-4577 Fax: 912-654-9023 Cell: 912-321-9407 Email: onionfarmer1@yahoo.com